Vintage Moroccan Brass Teapot EACH Majmar Tea Pot Goose-neck Spout Mint tea


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Handmade brass teapots from Morocco. Priced separately...Tea drinking is part of the Arabic/Moroccan culture and drunk throughout the day. Mint tea is the primary choice since it aids in digestion. Preparing tea is a masculine role in Moroccan culture, and because of it's high honor, the task is delegated to the head of household.

Choose from photo 3-6, shorter style, solid brass, measures 10 in tall x 10 in to spout, unmarked, vintage patina, two very small dings

Photo 7-10, taller majmar style pot, solid brass, very decorative in excellent condition, stamped Morocco measures 10 in tall x 12 wide to spout

Materials: brass.