Vintage Pewter Porringer Dish Bowl Williamsburg Colonial Style Pewter Wilton RWP 1974 Country Ware Pierced Handle Farmhouse Collectibles


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Pewter Wilton RWP 1974 Country Ware Porringer Dish Bowl with pierced handle

Measures 5-" x 1" deep (a total of 7 in out to handle)

Bottom is marked 150 Country Ware 1974. A Porringer bowl was used by colonial Americans to eat their porridge or gruel. I believe Wilton made these in 1976 to celebrate the Bicentennial. Whether you want to start a collection or not, this dish is a nice addition.

“Even the biscuit was so full of worms that, God help me, I saw many wait until nightfall to eat the porridge made of it so as not to see the worms."

Crew member, on Columbus 4th voyage, 15th century

“I wonder why they call this porridge.....It would be far more manly and straightforward of them to give it its real name.”

P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975), English novelist

Materials: Metal.