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What a beautiful way to inform guests where to sit! These lovely place cards are designed to reuse, just change the name card and voila, it's ready for your next party.
I love place cards when entertaining, it always is a good idea with certain guests to make sure you put enough space between would not want your Aunt Mildred, who is quite opinionated, to be seated next to your best friend from college who doesn't share her uptight philosophy, or maybe you do want them seated together for a lively party! Sold in sets of 4, I do have a total of 2 sets available and will combine shipping! Each measures 3 in tall x 2 1/2 wide. They may be porcelain bisque as they were made in Japan, by Andrea by Sadek, whose work is always in porcelain

Place card holders are always a rare find and a wonderful addition to your dining room collectibles, especially if you love to entertain!

“Entertaining is about sharing generously and creating an atmosphere where friends feel welcome.”
― Annie Falk

“The essence of great entertaining: a seemingly effortless combination of authentic food and imagination presented with a personal touch and enjoyed in good company.”
― Annie Falk

Materials: porcelain perhaps.