Vintage Porcelain Miniature Vase Souvenir Germany Bad Windsheim


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Vintage numbered, stamped porcelain vase from Bad Windsheim, Germany (name of city meaning: "the home of the wind"). Lovely, with a luster wear finish and features the coat of arms of the city. Measures 4 1/4 in tall, circa 1965.

Bad Windsheim is a small historic town in Bavaria, Germany with a population of almost 12,000. It lies in the district Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim, west of Nuremberg. In the Holy Roman Empire, Windsheim held the rank of Imperial City (until 1802). Since 1810 Windsheim is part of Bavaria. In 1961, it became a spa town and has since been called "Bad Windsheim".

Materials: porcelain.