Vintage Reindeer Serving Basket Christmas Decor/Serving Tabletop


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Vintage Reindeer basket made in Taiwan, circa 1990's. See photo 4 & 5, this little Reindeer has lost one of her antlers, which I painted the rough edge. From my own personal Christmas collection, my youngest daughter broke the tip off manhandling the basket (it had candy in it and she was running to keep it from her sis).
However, did you know Reindeer's shed their antlers? A perfect holiday conversation starter, read the following:

Shedding of Antlers
Reindeer shed their antlers in order to grow new ones. The process is called regeneration, and the females usually grow new antlers after a calf is born. In both males and females, the shedding process lasts at least three weeks. The males start shedding antlers after the mating season is over, since the primary need, to attract females during the season, is over. Growth is largely determined by:
The genetic make up of the species.
The amount of daylight experienced in the region.
The calving and levels of testosterone in the males and females, respectively.

Reindeer keep shedding and growing new antlers throughout their lives. The other functions of the antlers, other than attracting the members of the opposite sex during the mating season are:
Show of superiority in the case of two males head-locked over territory or a female.
Weapons, in case of a combat for survival.

Shed reindeer antlers are prized possessions in societies all over the world. They are preserved on trophy heads as ornamental pieces. They are also used in a number of crafts, ranging from decorations to furniture, to accessories. The extensive use of reindeer antlers has witnessed flourishing arts and crafts markets in and around the United States of America, Canada, and New Zealand.

More Reindeer facts: