Vintage Richelieu Simulated 4 Strand Pearl Necklace 4 Strand Hand Knotted French Baroque Style 1960's Couture Graduated Bibb Style


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Gorgeous 4 strand simulated faux pearl necklace stamped Richelieu.

The clasp is a single faux pearl with sliding insert, the same type as used on fine jewelry. This necklace is in very good condition, no damage, no repairs, very little wear. It is very elegant when worn, drapes beautifully. Laid flat open, the necklace measures 27 & 1/4" long; and the pendant cabachon style is 1" tall. When clasped it measures 14 1/2 in to longest length, each pearl on the strand is hand knotted.

Richelieu Inc.
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Richelieu Inc. was a faux pearl manufacturer in New York City which formed in January 1933. The business was incorporated through the merger of Heller-Deltah Company and Joseph H. Meyer Brothers. The former firm made Deltah, La Tausca, and Bluebird pearls. The latter produced Richelieu pearls. Richelieu Inc., had its offices at 8 West 30th Street in Manhattan.[1] The original company was founded by Joseph H. Meyer & Brothers in Brooklyn, in 1911.[2] Richelieu pearls were popular as an affordable alternative for consumers who were looking for inexpensive yet attractive faux pearls.
Manufacturing process[edit]
Cultured pearls are made by placing round beads made from the shells of American mussels into salt water mollusks along with some mantle tissue from another salt water mollusk. The mollusks cover the bead nucleus with layers of nacre. In contrast, Richelieu pearls were made by painting a glass bead with an iridescent substance (ground fish scales) obtained from a fish which lived in European rivers. Many coatings were necessary before the fake pearl was completed.

Materials: Pearl.