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Vintage spice storage jars made of fine porcelain from Malaysia. I have 20 available, choose one or all, price is for one. A few have loose rubber gasket, I will list each that are available, and if there is any flaw next to description. If there is nothing next to description, that means it is perfect. Please indicate when ordering which jar you want. Each measure 3 1/2 in tall x 2 in wide. I also have 5 more without tops or I can switch one of the others if you need one of the ones without a lid for full price ( Curry^GARLIC< ROSEMARY< ONION ) 1. Sunshine Biscuits/THYME 2. Lipton's Tea/CLOVES SOLD OUT 3. Pet Evaporated Milk/OREGANO SOLD OUT 4. Welsh Grape Juice/GINGER gasket is there, but a little loose seal 5. Ceresota Flour/CURRY sold out 6. Heinz Sweet Pickles/DILL 7. Lea & Perrin's/CHILI 8. Heinz Pork and Beans/MUSTARD SOLD OUT 9. Sunmaid Raisins/SAFFRON 10. Breyer's Ice Cream/MINT, no rubber gasket, where gasket was porcelain is jagged, cannot see if lid is on jar SOLD OUT 11. White Rock Champagne Vinegar/CORIANDER gasket there, but a little loose SOLD OUT 12. Morton Salt/CELERY 13. Mary Jane Peanut Butter/CINNAMON gasket there, a little loose seal 14. Tetley's Tea/SAGE SOLD OUT 15. Ralston's Health Breakfast Food/NUTMEG SOLD OUT 16. Domino Sugar/PAPRIKA SOLD OUT 17. Sunkist Oranges/TARRAGON SOLD OUT 18. Sunkist Lemons/PARSLEY 19. Knox Gelatine/BASIL 20. W.J. Underwood Deviled Entrements/BAY LEAF gasket there, a little loose seal. SOLDOUT Materials: porcelain.