Vintage The Princess Margaret Gift Book Volume II Ian Coster Royal Family England Collectible Book 1950's Photos Queen's Sis Paper Ephemera


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"This second volume of H.R.H. The Princess Margaret Gift Book presents a complete and fully-authenticated record of the activities and changing tastes of the enchanting Princess during her 23rd year. In his frank and informed text Ian Coster, one of Britain's most widely read columnists, does much to dispel misconceptions about Princess Margaret's intentions, aspirations and probable future course. In so doing, he sets Her Royal Highness's private life in proper perspective against the background of her official position as third in line of succession to the Throne...."

Contains 137 fully captioned photos, book is in overall good condition, see 2nd photo of laminated dust cover that has a fold, hardback in great condition. Pages 1-14 have very slight water stains on lower page

Materials: paper.