Vintage Wade England Figurines Red Rose Collectibles Set 3 Calendar Series Jack o' Lantern Scarecrow Snowman In Original Bag Unopened


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Set of 3 Wades England collectible miniatures. They are from the calendar series of collectibles, you will receive the Jack O' Lantern, Scarecrow (unopened original bag) were from October and the Snowman (unopened original bag) was from January packs.
measure about 1 1/2" tall. All Marked "Wade Eng[land]" on the back. All three are harder to find...

Wade pottery is made by the Wade Group of Potteries started in 1810 near Burslem, England. Several potteries merged to become George Wade & Son, Ltd. early in the twentieth century, and other potteries have been added through the years. The best known Wade pieces are the small figurines given away with Red Rose Tea and other promotional items. Wade also made porcelain for insulators when gas first replaced electricity and glazed ceramic tiles were used for walls and fireplaces.

Materials: ceramic.