Vintage Wood Napkin Rings Tribal Ethnic Style Wooden Napkin Rings Set of 4 Tabletop Dining Serving Entertaining


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Perfect for any seasonal table you set...gorgeous wood napkin rings sold in sets of 4. I do have two sets available! Notice the wood grain, and how wide they are..always set a lovely table, you will enjoy your meal more!

“I have always felt that solo guests pay us the ultimate compliment by joining us for a meal. Their visit has no ulterior motive (it involves no business, romance, or socializing). These guests simply want to do something nice for themselves, chez nous. Why wouldn’t we reward that?”
― Danny Meyer, Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

“The ornaments of your home are the people who smile upon entering time and time again.”
― Maralee McKee, Manners That Matter for Moms

Materials: wood.