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This puzzle is actually a “lock” for for a Wine Bottle. (wine bottle not included).

When it’s time for celebration, this quality wooden puzzle can be the star of the party!
Instead of simply handing over a bottle of wine, you can make it more fun and exciting.

All you need to do is to lock a wine bottle, using the puzzle, give it away when it’s locked, and watch them trying to figure out how to unlock the puzzle to get the bottle out.

The bad news is, that I do not have the instuctions on how to lock and unlock it, that's the tricky part. A friend of ours was a traveling salesman and he brought this to us as a gift back in the 1990's, so now I am regifting it for sale!

I have included a link tht has videos on how to "crack" the puzzle! And I printed instuctions, off a web site, but kind of hard to see, videos are better. These retail for over $20-45.

Materials: Wood.