Vintage Yixing Zischa Teapot Teacup Set/Sake Set 7 Piece Set Red Clay Terra Cotta


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Delicate enough for tea or sake, stamped on bottom of teapot. There are 6 cups, 2 are chipped, pictured, pot is not chipped or cracked. Pot measures 6 1/2 in from handle to spout X 3 3/4 in tall. Cups measures 2 in wide X 1 1/2 in tall
The teapot is vintage Chinese Yixing pottery, with pottery stamp on bottom, I do not think the cups are original to the pot, but I purchased it together. These pots can be valued at sometimes hundreds to thousands of dollars. I do not know much more than that.

Traditional chinese tea pots are made of unglazed clay, and have been seasoned from years of use. The clay absorbs the oils from the tea leaves and eventually, over time, can develop a glazed appearance, especially on the inside of the pot. The clay used to make these tea pots is a special Yixing clay that is only found in one small town in China, near Shanghai. The Chinese believe this clay can dissolve toxic minerals in both tea and water. Yixing teaware are highly collected.

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Materials: porcelain, Ceramic.